Our Story and Mission

We are passionate about bringing ideas to life and believe that access to education is the key to making this possible. As the world shifts and changes, we see it as our mission to help deliver meaningful and relevant education to every corner of the globe.

Our core value structure is serving first. We make it easy, cheap, and fast for any teacher, regardless of geography, to publish and sell courses online. We’ve positioned ourselves as a marketplace that connects teachers to students, with results.in mind.

As teachers ourselves, with decades of classroom experience, we designed Blue Brain to be an everlasting, ever-growing resource center in the cloud. Built by teachers, for teachers!

Our Founder Sash Ameerchund built Blue Brain based on a decade of teaching experience. Having taught thousands of students cumulatively over the years, He wanted a cheap, easy to use and reliable system that would work 24/7 for his courses. Today, hundreds of people depend on Blue Brain to deliver their courses in the same way and the platform continues to grow. Blue Brain LLC was licensed in 2019 in the United States.

Teach – Inspire – Empower

Our core value structure is built on 3 principals. We seek to educate people, help them achieve success and inspire them to do amazing things.

Expand Your Reach

Blue Brain is only possible through the partnership of instructors like you. This platform was designed to make it easy to succeed. Our value proposition is that you’ll make back a year’s worth of your subscription investment by enrolling just 2 students at $99 each. That means you save money right from the start and get to succeed quickly when you host with us and follow what we teach.

Start Teaching today

Our exclusive 14 day free trial provides a zero-risk opportunity for you to get started without paying a cent. If you cancel before 14 days, you won’t be charged.