4th grade Math

Categories: Mathematics, Sciences
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Course Content

Place value

  • Intro to place value
  • Place value blocks
  • Place value tables
  • Finding place value
  • Creating the largest number
  • Writing whole numbers in expanded form
  • Writing a number in expanded form
  • Writing whole numbers in written form
  • Writing numbers in words and standard form
  • Regrouping whole numbers
  • Regrouping whole number place values
  • Regrouping numbers into various place values
  • Adding whole numbers by their place values
  • How 10 relates to place value
  • Multiplying whole numbers by 10
  • Dividing whole numbers by 10
  • Understanding place value
  • Place value when multiplying and dividing by 10
  • Comparing multi-digit numbers
  • Comparing multi-digit numbers
  • Comparing whole number place values
  • Comparing multi-digit whole numbers word problems

Addition, subtraction, and estimation

Multiply by 1-digit numbers

Multiply by 2-digit numbers


Factors, multiples and patterns

Equivalent fractions and comparing fractions

Add and subtract fractions

Multiply fractions

Understand decimals

Plane figures

Measuring angles

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