Algebra I

Categories: Algebra, Mathematics, Sciences
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Course Content

Algebra foundations

  • Overview and history of algebra
  • Origins of algebra
  • Abstract-ness
  • The beauty of algebra
  • Intro to the coordinate plane
  • Why all the letters in algebra?
  • What is a variable?
  • Introduction to variables
  • Why aren’t we using the multiplication sign?
  • Evaluating an expression with one variable
  • Substitution and evaluating expressions
  • Evaluating expressions with two variables
  • Evaluating expressions with two variables: fractions & decimals
  • Combining like terms
  • Intro to combining like terms
  • Simplifying expressions
  • Combining like terms challenge problem
  • Simplifying expressions with rational numbers
  • Introduction to equivalent expressions
  • Equivalent expressions
  • Division by zero
  • Why dividing by zero is undefined
  • The problem with dividing zero by zero
  • Undefined & indeterminate expressions

Solving equations & inequalities

Working with units

Linear equations & graphs

Forms of linear equations

Systems of equations

Inequalities (systems & graphs)



Absolute value & piecewise functions

Exponents & radicals

Exponential growth & decay

Quadratics: Multiplying & factoring

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