AP Physics 2

Categories: Physics, Sciences
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Course Content


  • Density and Pressure
  • Specific gravity
  • Pressure and Pascal’s principle (part 1)
  • Pressure and Pascal’s principle (part 2)
  • Pressure at a depth in a fluid
  • Finding height of fluid in a barometer
  • Buoyant Force and Archimedes’ Principle
  • Archimedes principle and buoyant force
  • Buoyant force example problems
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Volume flow rate and equation of continuity
  • Bernoulli’s equation (part 1)
  • Bernoulli’s equation (part 2)
  • Bernoulli’s equation (part 3)
  • Bernoulli’s equation (part 4)
  • Bernoulli’s example problem
  • Turbulence at high velocities and Reynold’s number
  • Venturi effect and Pitot tubes
  • Surface Tension and Adhesion
  • Viscosity and Poiseuille flow


Electric charge, field, and potential

Magnetic forces, magnetic fields, and Faraday’s law

Electromagnetic waves and interference

Geometric optics

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