Cosmology and astronomy

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Course Content

Scale of the universe

  • Scale of earth and sun
  • Scale of solar system
  • Scale of distance to closest stars
  • Scale of the galaxy
  • Intergalactic scale
  • Hubble image of galaxies
  • Scale of earth, sun, galaxy and universe
  • Scale of the large
  • Scale of the small
  • Cosmological time scale 1
  • Cosmological time scale 2
  • Time scale of the cosmos
  • Introduction to light
  • Four fundamental forces
  • Light and fundamental forces
  • Big bang introduction
  • Radius of observable universe
  • Radius of observable universe (correction)
  • Red shift
  • Cosmic background radiation
  • Cosmic background radiation 2
  • Hubble’s law
  • A universe smaller than the observable
  • Big bang and expansion of the universe

Stars, black holes and galaxies

Earth geological and climatic history

Life on earth and in the universe

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