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Course Content

Trigonometry with right triangles

  • Introduction to the trigonometric ratios
  • Intro to the trigonometric ratios
  • Trigonometric ratios in right triangles
  • Solving for a side in a right triangle using the trigonometric ratios
  • Solving for a side in right triangles with trigonometry
  • Modeling with right triangles
  • Right triangle word problem
  • Trigonometric ratios and similarity
  • Triangle similarity & the trigonometric ratios
  • Trig challenge problem: verify identities
  • Trig challenge problem: trig values & side ratios
  • Sine and cosine of complementary angles
  • Sine & cosine of complementary angles
  • Using complementary angles
  • Trig word problem: complementary angles
  • Introduction to the Pythagorean trigonometric identity
  • Intro to the Pythagorean trig identity
  • The reciprocal trigonometric ratios
  • Finding reciprocal trig ratios
  • Using reciprocal trig ratios

Trigonometry with general triangles

The unit circle definition of sine, cosine, and tangent

Graphs of trigonometric functions

Trigonometric equations and identities

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