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Who will enroll in my courses?

We encourage each of our Instructors to begin with the end in mind. When you set out to serve your audience and genuinely help them get results/s or achieve their outcomes, you’ll find that your enrollments will increase exponentially. People will enroll because of the value that you provide so look for needs and help solve struggles and pain points.

What can I teach on Blue Brain?

Blue Brain supports 8 primary categories with an unlimited number of sub-topics. You can sell in one or more of the following: Creative, Sciences, Languages, Humanities, Home and Lifestyle, Health and Fitness, Computer Sciences or Business and Finance. Each of the main categories comprises dozens of sub-categories and as the platform grows, more sub-categories are added based on instructor request.

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Blue Brain makes it easy to build and host courses. Teacher accounts have a 14-day risk free trial and cost a flat $17/month which gives you 100% control over pricing, content, and a guaranteed 90% payout on earnings. All courses are listed in our marketplace, which means that your courses are shown to thousands of users every month for free.

Build a course

Our intuitive course builder makes it easy to create courses really fast. You have the ability to build and host an entire curriculum, list benefits, set pricing, assign co-teachers, and create drip-style lessons all based on your preference. When you’re done building, Blue Brain automatically generates landing pages for you so that you never have to worry about coding, website management, and server infrastructure. Simply focus on what you do best – teach and connect with students and help them get results.

Get Paid and Connect with students

Blue Brain processes all payments securely

When you sell on Blue Brain, we’ll collect and process all payments securely and efficiently. Your teacher account is automatically credited every time a student enrolls, so you can track your earnings and engagement right from your dashboard. Payment requests can also be made right from the dashboard. Blue Brain offers a guaranteed 90% payouts on all orders are made via PayPal – that makes us one of the cheapest marketplaces on earth.

Built-in Emails and announcements

Sometimes, it’s difficult to connect with students when using multiple pieces of technology. We want to change that and we’re intentional about helping you save as much money as possible! So we built a mailing system right into your dashboard for you to connect with and market to your existing students.

“My first thought was, who am I to teach?”

– Mary Kate McDevitt, Online teacher with 50,000+ students

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at all the questions that are asked by our new community members.
If you have any confusion, you can look for an answer right here!

Why would I pay for a teaching account when I can use freeware like Google Classroom or Schoology

Blue Brain was designed with the primary goal of helping you sell your courses in a marketplace environment while still maintaining complete control over your material. It is not designed as a replacement for freeware like Google Classroom or Schoology. Instead, you’re given the tools to create and store your curriculums, while also monetizing your courses and academic programs quickly and efficiently, so that you can focus on what you do best.

How quickly can I see a return on my investment?

The Blue Brain teacher account is priced as low as $17/month and there’s a reason! We want you to succeed and believe that if you price your course anywhere greater than $99, you’ll see a 100% return on your yearly investment with just 1-2 students. That’s incredible value if we do say so ourselves. 

Does Blue Brain market my course?

Blue Brain is a marketplace, so we provide built-in exposure for your courses, every time you publish. Blue Brain does not provide inbound marketing for courses by default, which means that teachers are still responsible for acquiring the majority of their students. However, to support teachers, we do offer 2 options for inbound marketing and fast growth: Advertising to existing users on the platform directly or paid traffic based on a revenue share model. For information for both these offers are provided on request.

How can I earn from my courses?

Blue Brain works on a per enrollment basis, which means you get paid up to 90% of the listing price every time someone enrolls. All your earnings and refunds are 100% trackable from your instructor dashboard. Payouts are also made directly from your dashboard via PayPal.

What value does Blue Brain provide?

When it comes to selling online courses, there are 2 primary models to choose from. Sell on a market place, or sell on your own site. The first option is great because you’ll get a ton of sales but also have to pay high commissions and end up with little control over your pricing. Imagine designing a $500 course and having it discounted to $10 without your consent. The other option is selling privately. This is great for control but comes at a huge price and a lot of site management, which costs you both time and a lot of money. 
Blue Brain hits the sweet spot between the two models. You get full autonomy of your pricing and content, including your own landing pages while having access to a growing marketplace – all for a monthly fee of $17. 

Can I cancel, upgrade or downgrade my account?

Yes! Since we offer a FREE 14 day trial on our plans, you get to test drive the system before you are charged anything. You also have the unique advantage of changing your account tiers whenever your needs change. We prorate account upgrades or downgrades so you never have to pay more than what you use.

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