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“Research and Markets forecasts the online education market as $350 Billion by 2025”

Ilker Koksal ~ Forbes

What you'll discover during this video workshop:

Here’s a snippet of the content you’re about to discover for free. (Worth $997 on some programs online)

The Online Course business model:

Did you know that online education industry is worth over $300 billion and continues to grow every year? Learn online course business model. Now is the perfect time to start making an impact with your skills!

Marketing (Phase 1 & 2):

Get the step by step process that will turn your idea into actual interested prospects and how to turn them into paying students.

Video (lesson) structure:

Taken from the firing line of teaching experience, this is a detailed walk-through of how to plan and shoot your video lessons for maximum engagement!

Basic Audio & Video Gear:

High quality content doesn’t have to be hard to make. We break down every piece of tech you’ll need if you want to go pro. 

Types of video lessons:

One size doesn’t fit all, and that’s especially true for instructional video. Here, we’ll explore 5 types of lessons you can record, especially if you’re not confident in front of the camera. 

Software Tools for recording lessons:

Whether you’re happy to go premium or just want to start out for free, these software tools are the industry standard for recording instructional video. 

Embedding and publishing videos:

What are the best practices for publishing your videos? How can you maintain privacy, security and performance? Get the answers and see how the pros publish content.

Building and Launching your course:

Does launching just involve putting a course online and expecting to get sales? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to automate the sales for every new course? There’s good news- we show you how in this workshop. 

Grab a pen and notebook and let's get started

Try to find a quiet a space and get comfortable. You’re about to get the blueprint to a growing $300+ billion industry!


This Course Helped Me to Restart My Career

“Its an excellent course. I am a teacher, in these tough times of COVID19 outbreak, I really needed something like this to create effective videos. Thanks Sir! Great Help. 👍.”

Muhammed Noman

Learn from a Professional Teacher with 10+ Years of Industry Experience

Built for teachers, by teachers! We understand your struggles and we want to help. Everything you’re about to learn is from real-world experience and is a combination of teaching in the classroom and teaching online over the last decade.

Sash Ameerchund

Professional Teacher | Content creator | Founder of Blue Brain

Sash is an Entrepreneur and teacher from South Africa. He is passionate about bringing ideas to life and believes that access to the right education is the key to helping bring ideas to life, which can and will create a better world to live in.

Blue Brain was born out of the desire to help connect students to the right teachers, while also creating enormous financial value for teachers without the giant cost implications of other platforms. 

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