How to Teach Online – Earn an income working from Home

So you’ve experienced the global lockdown, possibly lost your job, or contemplating financial security for the next season of your career. Yet, you’ve probably also heard that the global online education space is booming. But where do you start and is it even legit?

There are 2 Ways to start

The first kind of online teaching is done through a school or training provider and requires that you go through a formal job application process. The actual job might look different for each training provider, with some leveraging tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, while others use bespoke LMS systems. For those looking to apply, job posting sites like Linkedin and Indeed might seem like the best places to start. However, job postings on these job sites receive hundreds if not thousands of applications from just about everyone in your position. So what do you do?

If you meet “the criteria” and you’re serious about getting hired, you have to start thinking about the job from the perspective of the employer, not your own. Imagine you’ve decided to start a school and you need teachers to deliver your curriculum.

  • What kind of teachers would you look for?
  • Where would you start looking?
  • What qualities would you want, like or expect from a potential employee?
  • What are your business needs and how would your new employees help you meet them?
  • What kind of qualifications do my employees need to have?

You get the idea. These are just a few of the questions any business owner would need to ask before even considering a new employee. Why not use that to your advantage? The good news is that most of this information is already available on the organization’s website and all you’ll have to do is read it, and craft your application accordingly. Simple enough right? What if one application isn’t enough? If you’re planning to apply to more than just one employer, you’ll have to repeat this research process and make each application unique for the respective organization. How would we start?

Think like a problem solver! Never start your CV or cover letter by talking about yourself. Rather, talk about what benefits the company would get if they considered hiring you, over the hundreds of other people competing for the same job. This is where serious sales skills are involved. Like it or not, every one of us has to constantly sell our ideas and vision, every day. If you get good at focusing on what the other person wants, you might just get what you want.

Recruitment agencies you say? This is a very viable option if you’d like to cast a much wider net with less effort. However, while it’s true that you might have an easier time with a recruitment agency, you won’t have the opportunity to craft your message exclusively for the organization you’re applying to and there is a risk that you might get passed up if you don’t meet the recruiter’s standards.

Before you lose hope and click away, there’s an even better way! What if you could bypass the whole system altogether and possibly even write your own cheque?!

That brings us to our second approach to teaching online, which is creating and selling information products – or in simple language, digital course programs. Any kind of business online, especially in the information product space, leverages your time a lot more efficiently than a job would. In almost every job, you will trade your time for money. Unfortunately, you only have a finite amount of time in the day, and therefore your income potential is limited. Not to mention, you’re also competing with hundreds, if not thousands of other applicants and you’ll be at the mercy of the employer, whether you like it or not. An online information business gives you freedom and complete control over your content, students (customers), and of course pricing. Yes, you decide how much you want to get paid! The best part is, that with the power of automation, you can scale infinitely and reach thousands of students (customers) online simultaneously.

Surely such a business model is difficult to create right? What if it was done for you, with a step by step blueprint to follow? That’s what we specialize in. Making it dead simple and cheap, for people who want to create and sell digital courses. We call it the Blue Brain method of teaching online. Are you ready to earn an income working from home?

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