LYF Vision Program (Monthly)




Lydia will help you uncover the why behind your goals and how you want to achieve them:

  • 12-week program at your own pace
  • One one-hour meeting every 4 weeks
  • Activity sheets and homework provided throughout the 12 weeks
  • Follow up calls 3, 6 and 9 months after third meeting (which really makes it a year-long program!)


This program is for you because like me, you’re an ambitious woman.

This means you can identify with the following:

  • I am passionate high-achiever with big dreams
  • There’s so much I want to make happen, I can feel overwhelmed at times
  • I often wonder if I truly I am on track towards achieving all the greatness I see for myself
  • I sometimes or often suffer from imposter syndrome
  • Lastly: I need my finances to match up with and support the big dreams I have

You need a Vision Plan for your life for effectively implement all your ideas.


Let’s get started!


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